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CKC Home Inspection LLC, is dedicated to identifying and explaining the entire process of the home inspection. Yes, we focus on the major systems components, but we also do a thorough investigation of the entire home, such as, checking water pressure, layers and approximate age of shingles, windows that have failed seals, glazing and the caulking of windows, sink stoppers that do not function and are missing, drains that are slower than usual, testing and identifying GFCI resets, doors that binds, and checking whirlpool tubs to name a few. We walk on roofs that are not too steep. We enter every crawlspace that is safely accessible.

Every report will include digital photos which will include photos of major items found, as well as photos of the electrical panel, attic, and crawlspace. All reports will have an estimate of lifespan of major systems as well as cost estimate of each system.

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Email us at [email protected]